My name is Alexander - to my friends I'm Sanchezz. I draw since childhood and as long as I remember it has always been my favorite thing to do at school and in later life. All always loved my drawings and even till now some classmates and friends keep them for themselves - although they are terrible and I do not understand why they do it))))

My Childhood was a difficult time - I was very shy. My family never had extra money for brand name shoes or quality clothes for me and my little sister. We dressed in what we had enough money for.
Oh yes - I idolized the original Adidas sneakers with their incredible designs - but I never had them - there were abibas and even nuke)))) but the original shoes I only saw in store windows and on the feet of my wealthy friends.
My father worked in a factory as a welder. My mother worked as a cleaner in the dormitory where we lived. While my classmates slept sweetly after doing their homework - I helped my mother clean at night - sweeping the long hallways and stairs. I had a lot of time to think about my life))

I dreamed of having my own things with my drawings - unique things that would only be in my closet. At that time everyone wore the same clothes - I could go out on holiday and meet a bunch of people in the same clothes as me - it could be an old drunken man and a little boy shouting to his mother that he shat himself - it really upset me - because in the morning I was happy to buy this T-shirt or shorts.

All my childhood I spent in the street - my best friend was always a bike which I could disassemble and assemble with my eyes closed and a player in my pocket with a pirated copy of prodigy, onyx, fat boy slim))) and of course a pencil in my pocket - to rewind the tapes so as not to run out of batteries - modern youth will not understand what I mean - LOL )) aha-ha-ha!

I'm left handed and self taught - I didn't go to art school and learned everything myself drawing day in and day out my whole life.

I graduated as a programmer - my parents spent a lot of money and energy on my education - I am ashamed of them - but I did not want to be a programmer - it's extremely boring job.
I have to live my life the way my heart tells me, not the wallet.

Programming experience made me realize that our world is really a "matrix" and everything is predetermined)) everyone is just a random set of eyes, mouth, ears, hands, feet and so on. Some are more fortunate than others. Some are happy in poverty, some are KARMA's puzzle of suffering in riches - without love and alone, in fear of losing everything and waking up poor in an instant.

I have changed many professions - builder, designer, factory worker (CNC metal cutting machine), worker in the outdoor advertising studio, gluing huge letters for outdoor signs ... designer again, freelancer ...

One day while sitting in the office of the advertising studio where I was working - when once again I had a client hanging over my shoulder and pointing his finger at on the square dim screen that he wanted to changes in design - I decided to finally go freelance.

For several months I was working at freelance market and participated in a lot of useless contests - I was shedding a stingy tear looking at the work of the winners - most often they were just awful))

But I have not lost hope. After catching a couple of orders by the tail - you could earn monthly salary and not listen to discontent of my boss. He was too conservative for new ideas and his business was slowly going downhill. But I am very grateful to him - he opened for me the world of digital illustration - Corel draw))) Oh man...

Over many years of freelancing, I've earned myself a good reputation as a pretty good professional. And I would have continued to freelance - but by this time my life had already been filled with new goals and problems.

I already had a family - I have a wonderful loving and understanding wife - and as a huge plus she is also an designer.

I recently had a beautiful daughter in April 2020. I have clearly realized that freelance income is unstable and I can't be sure of tomorrow.
I've been creating images for clothing - for businesses large and small - for over 11 years. All the money went to food - now also to a young child.

I thought - why can't I create my own personal brand of clothing and accessories?
I've been dreaming about it for so long - to create something unique that people and I would like - to bring them attention from other people and the joy of owning unique things - isn't that my path to freedom?

I'll be honest with you, it's been a very long and hard road. I'm not a media personality but just a specialist, I don't have millions of subscribers)).
I never dreamed of fame or publicity - my quiet life has always suited me. I'm a contemplative person.
I do not have a ton of reviews for you that my product is the best of the best - I just know it's good and someday it will impress the right people who in turn will share their impressions with everyone around them.

I just spend months at night creating designs for you and during the day Raising a baby with my wife and sleeping when the opportunity arises.
Ha ha - I'm like Forrest Gump just running forward where my eyes are looking.
I'm so glad there are so many platforms now with printing on different mediums - I feel free to create tons of cool products for you. And there's no limit to perfection - I'm always learning and creating something new.

I hope to build one of the best brands.
SWAGCLO is a way of life, to be free, to be yourself and not to seem something big and empty.
We personally create for you our limited edition designer objects. Our passion is to create fashion items on street art, street life and fashion trends.

For many years, as a designer, I have been creating images for major fashion brands. And finally, having passed through all the obstacles of commerce, I created this store to please you with my fresh images on quality products.

I'd love any support, feedback and your posts - there's nothing more satisfying for a true designer - than knowing that people need things with their images.

We ask you to be patient today because of the pandemic delivery time may increase slightly.

Have a nice shopping and a good day, I give you a whole and strong hug.
- your SWAGCLO designer. ;))
Thank you all for your attention - take care of yourself and your loved ones.




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